Entering the Dojo

When you enter the studio you must first bow as you enter the room. This is to show respect to all the karatka inside and to show respect to all those who came before. Also you must respect your sensei (teacher). We practice a deadly art form and total discipline is required to maintain safety and keep those around you in focus.

If Class is in Progress

When you are late and class is in progress, enter the dojo, walk near the front or side of the class, raise your hand when you are ready to assume your place according to your rank. Wait to be called on, then quickly get into line. Assume the “ready position” or whatever stance the class is in. If you must leave, raise your hand to be excused.

Where you Should Stand

The class lineup is done according to the ancient Japanese feudal military system. The highest ranking person should be to your right. The lower ranking person should be to your left. If there are two or more lines, you should stand directly behind the person in front of you and next to the person to the sides. The line should be uniform, straight, and evenly spaced between the people next to you.

You Should Talk in a Low Voice

It is disrespectful to shout or make loud noises. This disrupts the harmony of learning and shows a lack of discipline. As you grow in life you will learn “less is more” and sometimes saying nothing is a mark of self control. We all strive to achieve perfection and too much useless chatter can tell people more about you than they should know. You can be a friend without talking them to death.

When Meeting a Black Belt

When meeting a black belt you must bow and show the top of your head. You show the top of your head as a sign of respect. If you are bowing to a non-black belt you must bow, however you can look at the person.

No Horseplay in the Dojo

More accidents have occurred as a result of mindless goofing around. The floors are hard in the dojo and a fall could cause serious injury. If class has not started you should be stretching or sitting out of the way.

Dojo Etiquette

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