Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods:

  • EasyPay
  • Credit Card
  • Check *
  • Cash

Champions Bushido uses EasyPay Automated Payment services to help keep prices low. Use of this method of payment is not required, but there are additonal fees added onto other payment methods. Please request your forms from Champions Bushido when you sign-up. Changes and updates require an update form be submitted.

* All checks should be made out to Houston Nationals Karate

Class Prices

Please call for prices.

Multiple student discounts available. Please ask!

Sign-Up Fees

Startup fees include a student uniform, registration fees, and first month’s tuition.

Please call for prices.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons on an hourly basis. You can choose to have a lesson with World Champion Johnnie Murphy or have a lesson with one of our other instructors.

Please call for prices.

Special Training

We offer both weapons and specialized sword training.

Please call for prices.