We recommend that all uniforms, gear, and equipment be bought through the school. This help us ensure the quality of the products being used. This also helps us ensure that each student has the proper gear for use during class and/or competition.

Sparring gear is mandatory!

Weapons are standard type weapons used at the dojo and/or during competition.


Uniform Type Price
Student 8oz $30.00
Middle Weight 10oz $65.00 *
Heavy Weight 12oz $87.00 *

* Shipping not included for Middle and Heavy Weight uniforms.

Sparring Gear

Gear Price
Standard Sparring Gear Set ** $80.00
Groin Protectors $10.00
Mouth Protectors (standard) $2.50
Head Gear with Face Shield *** $60.00-116.00 ****
Shin Protectors $10.00-25.00 ****
Elbow Protectors $8.00-12.00 ****
Chest Protectors *** $48-60 ****

** Standard Sparring Gear Set includes: Foam hand, head, and foot protection. This is the basic set that is required by all students. Special sparring gear can be ordered from our catalogs.

*** Special Order

**** Price varies per item ordered