Five Basic Principles of Forms

  1. A proper start to any kata is important. Remember karate is patterned after ancient Japanese military tradition. There are a few important points to starting your kata.

    » Always stand erect and move with efficiency as you enter the ring.
    » Speak loudly and clearly to the judges.
    » Never turn your back to the judges.
    » Always bow to the judges.

  2. It is important to follow basic procedure and techniques when transitioning from stance to stance.

    » Always user defensive and offensive hip rotation during the practice of kata.
    » Lower your stances when possible.
    » Always use 90 and 45 degree perfect direction for movement.

  3. All hand techniques must follow proper position and show power.

    » Center punches go to the solar plex.
    » High punches go to the head area.
    » Low punches go to the groin area.
    » Fully extend punches and hold them for a split second during stop points and kiai points.

  4. Kicks need to contain proper dynamics.

    » Chamber all kicks for clean looking leg motion.
    » Pull the knees as high as you can so your kicks will get more height and look better.
    » Hold kicks for a split second to accent their extension and show balance and control.

  5. Body movement needs good symmetry.

    » Keep your knees bent.
    » Keep your back straight.
    » Don’t bob your head up and down during your kata.
    » Try to end where you started.
    » Come to a complete stop during stop points in your techniques.