Champions Bushido Houston Nationals Karate requires everyone submit release forms for both your protection and ours.

What types of “Release Forms” are required?

We require that medical release forms be submitted.

Get the Forms

Please print and return this form before you attend your first class.

Medical Liability Release Forms and Registration (pdf)

Why am I being asked to submit a “medical liability release” form?

Every student must have a Medical Liability Release Form submitted to participate in class. Parents and students should understand that karate and weapons training comes with risk of injury.

When must this form be submitted?

The “Medical Release Form” must be submitted before the first class. If you are taking a “free trial” class, you must have the form submitted by that class.

Where can I get a Release Form to Submit?

You can obtain a Release Form from the information packet you received. You can obtain them directly from the school. You may also obtain them here on our website.