Key Concepts

Ancient weapons were actually very logical in their concepts of movement and uses. Many thousands of hours were spent thinking of ways to improve their use. Many wise men realized that body movement and power went hand in hand. Leverage and centrifugal force could easily overcome an opponent if applied with the proper speed and force. The goal was to develop secret techniques that would defeat any opponent. These secret techniques were only taught to the most worthy pupils or to a son. Techniques were run thousands of times until unbelievable speed was attained. Creativity was a key factor in each master’s secrets.

Just as ancient masters had their techniques, today’s masters have developed their secrets. Yes, there are people alive today that posses the kind of speed that the ancients would have been proud of. Modern Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and American weapons masters spend long hours in the dojo perfecting their skill. The difference is their lives don’t depend on mistakes. Modern killing weapons are much different.

You can become just as skilled as any master that ever lived. You have to say, “I can do this” and force yourself to work. The first step is believing you will master a weapon. The second step is working hard every day and turning your training into a part of your life. Competition helps you refine and polish what you do. Competition gives you goals and allows you to see how good you are and where you need to improve. The tougher your competition is, the more you will train.


After you have picked the weapon that you want to master, study the basics and refine all the techniques. Some other important points in your training will be:

  1. The training concepts of weapons follow those of kata.
  2. Practice every day if possible.
  3. Choose one weapon above all others that suits you best.
  4. Believe in yourself.